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Planning Application Imminent


The whole community must be made aware that the application for the Hersham Centre redevelopment is likely to be submitted in the very near future.

This redevelopment could be a DISASTER for our village.


The latest known proposals: 

    • Waitrose car park will be developed into residential blocks – up to 6 storeys high, with inadequate car parking
    • Permanent loss of 50% of the parking capacity which will be grossly inadequate for current users, including local businesses, Burhill School, Doctors Surgery and Waitrose
    • Loss of 50% of the retail units in the Centre

This means that: 

    • The future of Waitrose is uncertain
    • Local shops and businesses are at risk, with possible catastrophic outcomes
    • The consequences for all residents will be irreversible
    • The heart of your village will be lost forever

When the planning application is registered, time will be critical. 

There will only be about 3 weeks to lodge an objection.

EVERYBODY must make an individual objection. Block or group objections will only count as one Details of how to object will follow…

When the time comes, it is vital that everybody registers an individual objection

Hersham Centre

Be ready to object
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Latest News

On the matter of height alone, having regard to the developers own figures, the residential element of the proposed scheme is completely against the grain of the locality and grossly out of keeping with the immediately adjoining 2 storey residential properties of Havers Ave and Paul Vanson Court and the maximum 2 storey buildings of Burhill School.

The developers have released a 6 page leaflet and updated their website. The leaflet and the content on the website are riddled throughout with inaccurate statements, incorrect statistics and reports.

Hersham Has Spoken

The planning application was registered by Elmbridge Borough Council on 22 March 2024 and the period of objection has now started. You may now make your objections known. Elmbridge Borough Council have requested comments by 26th April 2024.